Juergen Willmann, MD

Professor of Radiology

Founder of Translational Molecular Imaging Laboratory


Sunitha Bachawal, PhD

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The focus of my research is using novel non-invasive in vivo molecular imaging techniques for early detection and treatment monitoring of breast cancer. In addition I work on identifying new molecular targets for use with ultrasound imaging.

Huaijun (Morgan) Wang, PhD

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My research interests are the characterization of different rodent and large animal models and therapeutic evaluation of diseases with multiple imaging modalities including ultrasound, magnetic imaging resonance, computed tomography, and positron emission tomography with special focus on molecular imaging, including early detecting tumor and monitoring treatment response in rodent tumor models.

Katheryne Wilson, PhD

My primary research interest is focused on using multi-modality imaging, with a large emphasis on ultrasound and photoacoustics, combined with molecular contrast agents to address clinical needs, such as early as possible breast cancer detection and imaging of inflammation. I have a strong interest in the combination of molecular imaging and nanotechnology to create novel imaging agents.

Ahmed El Kaffas, PhD

I am interested in developing imaging methods to characterize tumor vasculature and the tumor microenvironment, and to subsequently relate these imaging methods to biomarkers that can be used for cancer treatment monitoring. My current research is focused on developing volumetric contrast-enhanced quantitative ultrasound methods to characterize tumour vasculature and to assess treatment response in patents with colorectal cancer metastases in the liver.

Hersh Sagreiya, MD

My current two greatest areas of interest are medical imaging informatics and molecular imaging. As part of an RSNA Fellow grant, I will use machine learning and texture analysis to develop a quantitative tool for the early detection of ovarian cancer using BR55, a novel molecular imaging agent that targets sites of neoangiogenesis. I am interested in additional opportunities to apply deep learning techniques, as well as correlating radiologic and pathologic data.

Tommaso Di Ianni, PhD

My research interests include the development and clinical translation of noninvasive modalities for early detection and treatment of cancer and cardiovascular disease, focusing in particular on the use of medical ultrasound. My long-term objective is to make available to the clinic methods to 1) classify cancerous tissue quantitatively and non-invasively, therefore reducing the need for biopsies; 2) use the biomarker maps to guide the delivery of therapeutic agents in a localized and targeted way; and 3) image the drug delivery process for verification.

Rakesh Bam, PhD

Statement of research: I am developing B7H3 ligands to enhance ultrasound contrast, which is vital for cancer early detection and diagnosis in clinic. The goal is to target microbubbles expressing this ligand to tumor blood vessels and deliver drugs at the site of interest. B7H3 is expressed in tumor microenvironment and we are also interested in evaluating the changes in immune landscape with the use of its ligand. I am also interested in merging new generation gene therapy tools  with molecular imaging to treat cancer.

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